Collection: Khurjeen Rugs

With our Khurjeen Rugs, you can find history in every thread:

Our Khurjeen Rugs, which honor the rich history of the Afghan Turkmen and Hazara tribes, are the perfect way to experience the spirit of custom and art. Inspired by the history of saddle bags, these rugs are skillfully made to combine modern style with patterns that are hundreds of years old.

Why You Should Pick Our Khurjeen Rugs:

Cultural Legacy: Each rug has a story that goes back many generations and keeps the tradition of the Afghan Turkmen and Hazara groups alive. A unique ethnic tapestry can be seen in the detailed patterns.

Vivid Natural Dyes: Our Khurjeen Rugs have a wide range of bright colors that bring life and personality to any room thanks to vivid natural dyes like cochineal and indigo.

Carefully Made: From Afghanistan to Pakistan, each thread is carefully made by hand, making sure that you get not just a rug but a work of art that will add style and history to your home.

Take part in the ethnic diversity of the Khurjeen heritage. Enjoy the beauty of modern design mixed with old-fashioned patterns, which will give your living area a touch of history. Our Khurjeen Rugs are a great way to bring a piece of history into your home today.